About us

Dresses are our passion. Dresses are our passion we have been diligently devoted to for over 15 years.

Many years’ experience let us gain perfect market timing, not depriving us of fresh look – our collections are continuously entering the latest fashion trends .

The evening dresses, formal and coctail dresses, the senior prom dresses, dresses for weddings designed at our factory are characterized by innovational activities, freedom and simplicity maintaining classic elegance and womanlike line.

It ‘s not an art to dress models.

The art is to make each woman, regardless of size she wears, 36 or 48, look in the mirror with self-satisfaction and contentment.
We try to achieve that by designing irreproachable constructions, assorting fabrics and additions of the highest quality and taking care of perfect performance and finish.
Dresses are the final effect , which may gratify the most demanding tastes – regardless size, they guarantee not only impeccable look but the comfort of use as well.

Evening dresses

For very special occassions, special evenings, unforgettable moments – weddings, senior proms, carnival parties.
Elegant styling underlying woman’s natural beauty, giving the feeling of refinement and uniqueness on one hand and comfort and ease on the other.
We recommend the evening dresses of our collection.
Irreproachable cuts – this is the beginning and the grounds thanks to which our evening-dresses suit women of diffrent sizes and silhouettes perfectly.

We do not specialize in outsizes, however, we offer proven cuts for rounded women, perfectly hiding figure imperfections.

Vogish stylings, beautiful fabrics, carefully assorted additions, high quality finish – our evening dresses possess all of these, which shall guarantee their potential owners an attractive look and comfort of use.

Formal dresses

Sometimes there is a need to look differently. More officially, more attractively, elegantly.
There are many such occasions – a dinner at the restaurant, going out to theatre, a banquet, an occasional party, maybe, a wedding where you not necessarily have to wear a long evening – dress.

For these and other, more or less formal occasions, a formal dress is an indispensable element of the woman’s clothes.
Women’s tastes are as different as stylings of our formal dresses.

Modest, simple and such which easily present much, settin off a figure and hiding its imperfections, of classic and timeless colours and most fashionable colour shades.

We pay special attention to designing our formal dresses in such a way that women should feel well regardless various sizes and silhouette types.

Our formal dresses are marked with perfect construction, care for additions and details, the highest quality of performance and finishing, regardless silhouette’s styling and size.

Knitwear dresses

Is it posible to look elegantly and womanlike and comfortably and conveniently at the same time? We have got a method – to connect the most womanlike part of clothes and the most comfortable knitwear, i.e. a knitwear dress.
We offer proven, elegant stylings made of soft, pleasant and ease securing knitwears.

Pefect on each occasion depending on additions – to work, meeting with friends, to a date, a town walk, elegant dinner and all the other, more or less formal occasions. Ideal for each season of the year, depending on the knitwear type – softly wrapping up in autumn and winter, exposing in spring and summer.
In a word – universal. It’s good to have got one in a warderobe. And much better, to have got a few.